Vehicle Access Management

The Arcus Vehicle Access Management System is a low cost solution for vehicle access to private carparks. It is
ideal for condominium with carpark size of 20-300 cars.

The Arcus Vehicle Access Management system has the following purpose:

  1. Provide a low cost gantry management capability for private car parks.
  2. Provide an easy to use management interface for car park managers.

The basic operation of the RFID system is as follows:

  • Windscreen tags are provided by Adilam pre-configured for the individual system.
  • Once a tag is provided to a vehicle owner their details and the vehicle details are entered into the system.

The RFID Detection point operates independently and connects to the Arcus cloud either using WIFI or a 3G connection.

Reporting is managed via the Arcus cloud, further reducing hardware and maintenance costs and allowing the reporting system to be accessible from many locations with password login.